Academic Support

Advisors and Teachers

The first resource for a student in need of academic support is his or her advisor.  Stevenson’s advising program is designed to assess and respond to the unique needs of our student body.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin by meeting with their teachers and advisors for focused support and advice on how to study.  Faculty members schedule time throughout the day to meet with students who are falling behind or feel that they are struggling academically.

Counseling Resource Center

Stevenson’s faculty, advisors, and members of the Counseling Resource Center work together to support students who are in need of strategic academic guidance. The Center's learning specialists work with students to develop plans to manage stress, make better use of time, develop study skills and learning strategies, or cope with homesickness.

Study Skills and Learning Strategies Courses

Stevenson offers two academic support courses, Study Skills and Learning Strategies. Taught by members of the Counseling Resource Center, both courses are designed to ensure a smooth academic transition at Stevenson School and to create the most successful experience possible. Study Skills and Learning Strategies provide students with effective learning tools. These tools include note-taking strategies, time management, test-taking tips, organizational techniques and ways to utilize the official Stevenson Pirate Planner. Our goal is to build the essential learning skills needed to be successful Stevenson students.


Our library staff is available as a resource for research.

Documented Learning Differences

Stevenson offers some accommodations for students with qualifying and documented learning differences, including additional time on exams and modified testing locations. For questions about specific learning differences, parents or students should contact the Counseling Resource Center directly at to discuss options and approaches that are appropriate. 


The Counseling Resource Center maintains a list of approved and recommended tutors who are available to work with students who find that they are in need of additional subject-specific academic support.  These tutors are familiar with Stevenson’s unique environment, instruction format, and classroom approaches. 

English as a Second Language

Stevenson requires that all international students be fluent in English as we do not offer an official program in English as a second language. However, our teachers and faculty members are willing to meet any student for extra help, typically once a week.

Tips for Academic Success

There is no magic trick to academic success other than hard work.  However, there are some techniques and habits that can be observed in many of Stevenson’s successful students.  We suggest that students browse our Tips for Academic Success and complete a self-evaluation to help identify individual strengths and areas for improvement.  Stevenson students who feel they need help in any particular area are strongly encouraged to discuss their evaluation with their advisor or make an appointment with a member of the Counseling Resource Center.