How does technology fit into the curriculum at Stevenson? One might better ask "How doesn't it?"

As most of us know, literacy is not just about reading any more. The printed book was a giant leap forward in our ability to distribute information, but we are now in the fairly early stages of another information revolution - one that requires the definition of literacy to be expanded. In today's world, we are dealing with orders of magnitude more information, coming from orders of magnitude more sources, with orders of magnitude more avenues to distribute and publish - so the problem isn't simply how to read the information any more; In this new world of information surplus, it is about directing the flow of information inward and outward, evaluating it and processing it, collaborating with others to do more with it than we can do alone - ultimately making it serve our goals, interests, and needs.

To that end, technology at Stevenson is seamlessly integrated into the daily curriculum, with students using technology both in and out of class - for communication, research, collaborative projects, accessing on-line resources, and more.

Stevenson has been integrating technology into academics since 1997, when we pioneered a 1:1 laptop program for grades six through twelve. All students and teachers have their own state-of-the-art laptop computers for school and home use. Student computers purchased through the school come fully installed with all the programs necessary for the academic curriculum, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS5 Design Premium, Inspiration, FirstClass, and other powerful programs.


The mission of the Stevenson Technology Department is to provide and maintain the technology infrastructure and resources that are crucial to educational success today, while keeping an eye on, and preparing for, the needs of tomorrow. Our aim is to work diligently to insure network security and stability, while maintaining the flexibility necessary for a unique learning environment. Our goal is to support Stevenson students, faculty and staff in getting the most out of technology.

Tech Center Hours

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How To Get Help

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After-hours appointments can be made by e-mailing Tech Support or stopping the Tech Center during regular hours.