Military Families

For many years, the Monterey Peninsula has been home to military families during their time at the Defense Language Institute, the Naval Postgraduate School, or one of the many other military programs in the area. Stevenson's history has been intertwined with that of military families through their children's attendance at Stevenson School and the dedicated service of many retired officers who once served on the Stevenson faculty.

Realizing that your family's living experience in the Monterey area is unique, we have created this list of Frequently Asked Questions to address many of the issues you may have.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Admission Office at or call us at (831) 625-8309.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I missed the application deadline?
How do I begin the application process?
Where exactly is Stevenson, and how can I learn more about the school?
Does Stevenson have a history of enrolling military families?
Is there a current military family I could talk to about their Stevenson experience?
Does Stevenson provide financial aid?
What if we missed the deadline for applying for financial aid?
Do both parents have to be employed in order to qualify for financial aid?
Are credits earned from the Stevenson curriculum appropriate and transferrable when we transfer to our next tour?