Stevenson offers a rich variety of opportunities for students to express themselves through music.

Vocal Program

The vocal music program, headed by Willow Manspeaker, includes a chorus, chamber singers, and a jazz choir, as well as opportunities for individual and student-organized group performances. See link at the right to view videos and photos of recent concerts.

Instrumental Program

The instrumental music program, directed by Adam Petrocelli, offers several string, wind, and percussion classes. These ensembles include string orchestra, chamber groups, concert band, pep band, drum line, and jazz band. Often like-minded students organize smaller rock and jazz combos to perform at community events, concerts, and assemblies. See link at the right to view videos and photos of recent concerts.

Advanced Music Classes & Lessons

In addition to the traditional instrumental and choral ensembles, Stevenson's music department is proud to offer a number of innovative and advanced courses designed to serve the diverse student body. These courses include Songwriting and Music Production, Music Appreciation, Advanced Placement Music Theory, and Beginning Guitar. Additionally, students may choose to enroll in private music lessons, offered on campus on a wide array of instruments.


Music Concerts

These public music concerts feature both instrumental and vocal performances and are held in December and May each year.
Music Concert videos and photos


Each spring students organize Keckstock, which is held in Keck Auditorium. It is a modern version of Woodstock featuring a variety of student music performances.


Coffeehouse and Classical Coffeehouse also offer students additional opportunities to collaborate and perform for a supportive community audience. Click this link for a video of the most recent Coffeehouse.

Upcoming Events

For a list of upcoming theater, music, and dance performances, ticket information, and directions, visit the Box Office web page.