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KSPB Featured in "Best of 2011 - Editor's Picks"

Posted: April 5, 2011

Our on-campus Our on-campus radio station, KSPB, has been named in the Monterey County Weekly's list of the "Best of 2011 - Editor's Picks" in the category of "Best Evidence That The Kids Are Alright." You can listen to KSPB at 91.9 FM or on the web at

Reprinted from the Monterey County Weekly

Best Evidence That The Kids Are Alright

KSPB 91.9 FM
Stevenson School, Pebble Beach

Licensed as a tiny 1,000-watt non-commercial station, KSPB is the hidden music gem on the Monterey Peninsula, and the place for “radio-active” sound. By day the station broadcasts BBC news, but from 6-8 am and after school gets out at 4 pm, Stevenson School students take over. Featuring playlists that span the gamut from the obscure to the noisy, the DJs show off vast music collections, youthful enthusiasm, and a bit of splendid amateurism. One show boasts “both underground and mainstream techno,” most shows dabble in non-commercial hip-hop and reggae, alternative and college radio music show up large, and plugs for listener requests dominate every break. We’re gonna make it.

The KSPB listing is at the bottom of the following web page:
Monterey County Weekly - Editor's Picks