Student Life

What will your story be?

When Stevenson is the setting, students are sure to have adventures of all sorts – and a community of fellow adventurers with which to share them. Both campuses are alive with events and opportunities ranging from speakers, clubs, dances, and musical performances to athletic events and community service opportunities. Stevenson encourages students to stretch themselves and try new things – in an environment that fully supports them.

Choose Your Campus

Pebble Beach Campus (9-12)

Student life is jam-packed with opportunities to lead, get involved, or find a new passion. There are more than 50 extracurricular activities and clubs, including yearbook, student government, Model United Nations, and community service. Our Outdoor Education Program rocks. Literally. With weekend trips to the Sierra Nevadas and the Ventana Wilderness, students have regular access to hiking, kayaking, rock and gym climbing, mountaineering, and even surfing. The Sophomore Wilderness Expedition (known as “Expo”) takes students into the back country for 10 days, learning leadership, orienteering, and survival skills, in addition to a 24-hour “solo” experience.
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Carmel Campus (PK-8)

Laughter. Friendship. Joyful. Passion for learning. These are the words most often used to describe people’s experience on the Carmel Campus. Student recycled art projects decorate the campus, the organic garden blooms with fruits and veggies, and students of all grades mingle as friends, mentors, and teachers. The Carmel Campus is a thriving community of learners who feel safe and supported to take risks, run for an office, perform in assembly, or share a story.
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