Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stevenson Fund?

Every fall, parent volunteers ask fellow parents - through mailing, phone-a-thons, and in person - for an annual contribution. We also ask alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, trustees, friends, faculty, and staff for contributions to the Stevenson Fund. The 2015 Parent Fund drive begins on October 1 and ends on November 20. We hope to have 100% of parent pledges made by December 15.

Stevenson Fund contributions, which are tax deductible, usually come in the form of pledges, cash, and credit cards or securities. The annual Stevenson Fund year closes on June 30, and all gifts and pledges must be paid prior to this date. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Why should I give to the Stevenson Fund when I already pay tuition?

While tuition covers significant costs, the Stevenson Fund supplements the differences between tuition income and the cost of running a school like Stevenson. Tuition income pays for only 90% of a Stevenson education. Unlike public schools, independent schools operate without any financial support from the local tax base or from state or national governments. Stevenson relies on tuition income, endowment income, and annual contributions to cover its operating costs. Every independent school is structured this way, so that parents can receive a charitable tax-deduction for their donation, and so that tuition is less expensive to benefit families with lower incomes.

Why is 100% participation critical to Stevenson?

100% parent participation in the Stevenson Fund demonstrates solidarity in support of the Stevenson community. It also indicates to corporations, foundations, and others to whom we appeal for support that those who are most connected to Stevenson are committed to its wellbeing. Therefore, all gifts, no matter what the size, are tremendously important. Each year our goal is to increase participation and giving in all of our constituents.

What does the Stevenson Fund support?

Contributions to the Stevenson Fund directly support Stevenson’s people, programs, and plant. It is the $1.5 million that makes all the difference and is our "margin of excellence" of what we are able to offer our students and faculty. The annual Stevenson Fund supports all aspects of Stevenson’s education and co-curricular programs including teachers’ salaries, financial aid, which helps preserve a school community of diverse backgrounds, community service programs, outdoor trips, athletics, athletic fields, school building maintenance, dormitories, and more.

How much money is committed to Financial Aid each year?

Stevenson is committed to offering a world-class education to students from families of all financial backgrounds. Toward that goal, the school awarded more than $5 million to 35% of our students across both campuses this year. The majority of our financial aid money comes from the school's operating budget, which is supported by the Stevenson Fund.

To learn more about Stevenson's Financial aid program, click here.

Can I give online?

Yes! Credit card contributions can be made over a secure server here.

What are methods of giving to Stevenson?

Gifts of cash are the most common form of support. Checks should be made payable to The Stevenson School. Stevenson also accepts gifts by credit card through VISA and MasterCard. Donors can arrange for monthly deductions from their credit cards.

Many corporations match employee gifts. Donors can obtain a matching gift form from their company’s personnel office or foundation, fill it in where required and mail it to the Advancement Office with their gift. We will take care of the rest!

Can I give securities or stock?

Yes, but the donor should alert Amy Elmore, director of development at 831-625-8354 or prior to making the transfer of securities. Stevenson has a printed instruction sheet for making gifts of securities, which can be requested from the Advancement Office. Stevenson holds accounts with Charles Schwab.

What is the Silverado Society?

To learn more about the benefits of being a Silverado Society member, click here.

The Silverado Society

All gifts and contributions, regardless of their size, are recognized and appreciated. Every donor will receive a personal thank you letter. In addition, Stevenson's Annual Report of Giving recognizes gifts of any size.

Does Stevenson have an endowment?

Stevenson' current endowment of $35 million reflects the relative young age of the school. Because an endowment is a permanently invested fund, only a portion of the earned income is spent each year.

In the case of Stevenson, that portion is 4% annually. In addition, some of the school's endowment is restricted to specific uses, honoring our gift agreements with the donors. These uses include program support, athletics, financial aid, and faculty enrichment. (For a complete list of our named endowed funds, click here.) As a result, annual gifts to the Stevenson Fund continue to be a vital source of unrestricted revenue.