Support Stevenson

Since the school’s founding in 1952, Stevenson has had a long tradition of generous giving that makes the extraordinary opportunities of a Stevenson education possible. Throughout our remarkable history, alumni, parents, faculty, and friends of the school have given generously of their time and financial resources to support operational needs, capital improvements, and a growing endowment fund.

There are several types of gifts that support Stevenson.

Annual Gifts to the Stevenson Fund

The Stevenson Fund, the mainstay of the Stevenson's fundraising program, includes annual contributions which are raised and spent during the current fiscal year to offset operating costs. Currently, Stevenson raises over one million dollars each year for the Stevenson Fund. The goal of the program is to offset operating expenses by providing 5% of the annual budget.
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Capital Gifts

Capital gifts support new construction, major renovations, endowment, and significant new program initiatives. The Stevenson School Master Plan calls for a number of exciting projects including the construction of additional residential faculty houses; a new Health, Wellness, and Fitness Center; new programs such as Remote Streaming Video Production; and an increased endowment to support student scholarships and faculty compensation.
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Named Grants & Endowed Funds for Financial Aid

Gifts to endowment help secure the long term future of Stevenson. Generous donors establish named funds that support student financial aid, faculty enrichment, curriculum and program, and faculty salaries. These funds are invested by the school and a draw of 4% is taken annually to help meet operational needs in these areas yet still maintains the corpus gift to the school in perpetuity.
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Planned Gifts

Planned gifts provide an opportunity for donors to support Stevenson through deferred gifts and estate planning. Significant tax and income benefits to the donor can be realized through planned and deferred gifts.
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Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind, or non-cash gifts, are gratefully received in support of school needs. Many parents and friends of the school have access to goods and services that may be of use to Stevenson's programs. Gifts-in-kind are tax deductible.

Gifts in Memory or in Honor

Gifts may be made in memory or in honor of an individual on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or significant life event. The family members of those being remembered or the individual so honored receives notification of the gift identifying the donor, but without specifying the amount of the gift.

Tax Receipts

All gifts to Stevenson School are tax-deductible and are acknowledged and receipted through the Advancement Office.