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A Message from the Chairman

As president of the board of trustees, I welcome you to this corner of Stevenson’s website.

The trustees work in close concert with the president to steward the school and oversee its continuing evolution as determined by its mission. Our responsibilities in this regard are fiduciary, strategic, and generative. Primarily, our work is focused on the following four areas: 

  • Supervising the school’s mission, goals, and strategy;
  • Monitoring the school’s performance and accountability,
  • Selecting and regularly evaluating the president, recruiting and orienting new trustees, and inspecting the board’s own performance; and
  • Developing and conserving the school’s resources including endowment funds, and buildings and grounds.

The board strives to promote openness and deliberate engagement, and to encourage the consideration of new ideas. We set clear expectations for the school’s leadership team and regularly review their results. Additionally, we require the swift reporting of any improper activity. In this light, the safety and security of our students is our first priority, and the ethical conduct of our administration, faculty and staff, and trustees is understood to be crucial to our success. 

The bylaws call for a board of trustees of not fewer than 15 nor more than 25 elected members. Potential trustees are developed and carefully evaluated by the committee on trustees. Trustees nominated by the committee on trustees are elected at the annual meeting for a three-year term. Trustees are limited to two terms, although members of the executive committee have no term limitations.  

As a graduate and past parent, it is a great honor for me to join with other equally committed trustees to serve Stevenson. As you can surely tell from your review of the website, this is an especially exciting time for our school, and we are all inspired by the shared vision that is moving us steadily forward to fulfill our destiny. Please direct any questions to trustees@stevensonschool.org.


David Colburn 
Chairman '76 P '11

Emeritus Trustees

Board of Trustees 2020–2021