Mission and Purpose

California Coastline

Stevenson is a day and boarding community in which students learn to read, write, observe, calculate, research, analyze, innovate, speak, listen, imagine, laugh, collaborate, and dare and, in the process, prepare for the challenges they will encounter in college and the world. This is also a community in which adults, inspired by a sense of shared purpose, work consciously together to model, as often as possible, a collective engagement with life that we wish our students to emulate.

Stevenson School has long been committed to three aims:


  • to prepare students for success in school and life beyond school;
  • to foster their passion for learning and achievement;
  • to help them shape a joyful life.


In keeping with this mission, Stevenson seeks to:


  • Train students in critical academic, intellectual, social, and emotional skills;
  • Help students to develop honor and integrity;
  • Teach students to engage productively and peacefully with others;
  • Nurture students’ ambitions and healthy pursuit of excellence;
  • Balance convention and innovation such that Stevenson remains true to enduring values and relevant to the emerging needs of the present generation of students.
We therefore expect all members of our community to be:


  • Devoted to our tenets of scholarship and citizenship;
  • Honest, honorable, and empathetic;
  • Able to examine and be responsible for their beliefs and behavior, respectful of the consequences that may attend both;
  • Willing to risk failure in the pursuit of wisdom;
  • Committed to embodying and sustaining our community’s core values of safety, trust, respect, belonging, and inclusion.