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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Being a Team Player from the Sidelines

Sports management: although the name is self-explanatory, it is so much more than just recording games, running the scoreboard, or keeping track of the statistics. To me, sports management is being a part of a team, something bigger than yourself; it is an essential role behind the scenes. I manage the boys' basketball team. Last year I managed the freshmen and this year I'm managing varsity. Team managing offers a wildly different experience than that of the spectators and fans. Even though you're off the court, you feel the high of a win and the low of a loss with the players, parents, and coaches. Regardless of if I'm filming the game from the top of the bleachers or keeping the books or scoreboard courtside, the adrenaline is always high.

Managing the basketball team has become a lot more than being stuck at basketball games on the weekends or late at night. I look forward to the games now (home games are definitely preferred, but I think that comes down to my love of the jungle). Seeing the growth of the players and the team as a whole over the span of the season and being able to have a new level of appreciation for that one 3-pointer, or that new play, or a new starter, or a player who does not get as much playing time being subbed in. 

Coach Clymo, the varsity basketball coach and athletic director, is the main reason I feel such a sense of community within this team. The bond I have formed with Mr. Clymo is invaluable and is one I have been able to form through managing basketball. This is why I cannot recommend team management enough! If you have a free sports season, consider talking to one of the coaches about it.