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Winter Ball - Bringing the Heat To a Cold Night

When you think of typical high school experiences, what are the first things that come to mind? For me, they are going to classes, books in hand, watching football games in the brisk fall winds, and, most of all, the dances. Going in my freshman year, I expected the dances to be glamorous, romantic, and everything that the movies made them seem to be. Instead of glamor, there are girls in dresses with sneakers and boys in suits with sneakers - ties untied or loosened - and hair (and clothes) drenched in sweat. Instead of romance, there are groups of friends dancing together. Dates are overrated, anyway. Instead of the perfectly choreographed night that the movies portray, there always seems to be a perfectly imperfect night awaiting in the crowd. The sweat, friendships, chaos, and memories are what make dances as amazing as they appear on the silver screen, just in a different way. 

I can't begin to explain why, but winter ball is always the dance where memories are made. You've gotten to the point in the year where you know your friends; you're confident enough to dance like no one is watching, and you're brave enough to dance in the crowd. You're unstoppable. The beauty of the dance is saved for the photos before the dance and the battle scars following the dance. Heels are weapons of mass destruction - what can I say? It is without a doubt that friendships are formed on the dancefloor and are honestly what makes the time spent after the dance more fun.  

Dances are always so much fun - bruised feet aside. More than anything else, they are the most prominent portrayal of Stevenson's idea of community even off-campus.