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Christmas is Around the Corner

It is almost time for the holidays! The campus has been filled with joy and anticipation for the season, with every corner of it adorned with sparkling lights and tall-standing trees. I arrive in Rosen, where there are tables set up with lines of gingerbread houses waiting to be decorated. Outside, there is a line of cookies and hot chocolate. The faculty children begin to file in, and each stands in front of one house. I approach Rosie and ask her if she needs any help with hers.
“I mean, if you want to help me, then sure,” she says cooly. I watch as she dutifully began piping, knowing exactly where each candy should be placed. She smiles at me, as she takes her hands away from her finished masterpiece. Rosie shows her house to her best friend Gigi and, with flushed cheeks, explains to her that I had helped her complete it.

All around the room, I felt the Christmas spirit. Rosen was filled with the bustling noise of laughter and excited shrieks. I never celebrated Christmas before and never understood why everyone was so spirited during this time of the year. It was simply a vacation. This year, however, I realized that the holiday - whether in a religious perspective or not - was a time that everyone shared to celebrate for any matter that they wished. I too was excited. I couldn’t wait to travel home to visit my dad, as well as spend time with my grandparents. It was a time to catch up, when we are able to create memories that we will then treasure. With that note, I wish you a happy holidays! I hope that you will be able to spend time with those you love and create beautiful memories.


Rosie with her gingerbread house!    Other children playing on Rosen stage.