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Thank You, Advisory

There are many good things that Stevenson has brought into my life, one of them being my advisor. Though I initially did not understand the importance of advisory, or why it is even necessary, it is something that I now believe is essential to our Stevenson community. At the beginning of your enrollment at Stevenson, you are paired with an advisor. A selection is made based on a questionnaire where you are able to state any preferences or concerns. In the following year, you have the option to stay with your current advisor or switch advisory. 

During my first year, my advisor made sure I was comfortable in this new environment, playing a large role in helping me settle in this important transition of my life. In my sophomore year, I switched into Mr. Elmore’s advisory. Some people may think that switching advisories would result in having a awkward relationship with your previous advisor, but that is definitely not the case. Now, I have two adults who I am able to trust. 

Last year, I applied to become a prefect. Because of the limited spots for the position available, I was not chosen. It was a position that I knew that I really wanted, and I struggled to get over this failure. After reaching out to Mr. Elmore and receiving a lot of comfort and advice, I found the immense value in having an adult I am able to trust here at Stevenson. I’m beyond grateful to have someone to be there for me throughout my high school journey, a time when I will be growing, maturing, and learning many difficult lessons. 

With Mr. Elmore, my current advisor!