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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Senior Volleyball Game 2019!

This year, we say goodbye to 5 seniors on the varsity volleyball team: Eliana Martini, Ingrid Blau, Emily Adomako, Taylure Craven, and Audrey Goldsmith. Although I’m not a senior, the senior game is always emotional for everyone involved. The seniors for playing their last game on familiar turf, the classes preceding them for losing senior teammates, and the coaches for watching another class of talented individuals move into the next phase in their life.

In our senior game this year, we fought our very hardest and can safely say we truly left it all on the court. We fought tooth and nail to keep the ball from hitting the ground with bruises to prove it. We cheered for each other from the court and from the bench, and the stands were packed with Stevenson students cheering us on with high spirits. It made the loss bearable knowing we fought our hardest and had friends on the sidelines lifting us up.

As redemption for our senior game, we played Santa Catalina in our final game (their senior game), and left that gym with a final victory. It is safe to say that, having lost to Catalina twice this season, that our last win well-deserved and hard-earned.