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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

End of a Term, End of a Decade

"It's $8 for 10 candy grams, right?" I asked as I pulled out my wallet full of pennies.

"Yes sir!" replied one Student Council member. 

Finally, a place where I could spend all the spare change I got from the movies.

As I received my stack of note cards, my mind suddenly blanked out. Who should I write this to? There were too many people to choose from, and I couldn't make up my mind. 2019 has been one of the most amazing years to date, and Stevenson held up the majority for where I was for the year. As I made the transition from being a sophomore to a junior, a lot of transformation also followed. As I'm writing this, there are still 2 weeks left in the fall semester, and already I have a long list of unforgettable things. Coffee House, the Fall Play, whitewater rafting, the Halloween Assembly... The list goes on. 

Chinese Party 2K19 !!

It almost seems like I had a little too much fun :)

But that's exactly why I like Stevenson. There is never a day where I would say " I'm bored.", or a day where I would let my head down because there is always something to look forward to. And that isn't possible without the heartwarming faculty here, and my fellow friends, which I call my second family. It is the people here that make me feel right at home and enjoy every day here rain or shine. There are people who are always there for me, people who always put a smile to my face, and people who are just a blast to be with.

Halloween Dress-Up with some of my pals! Looks like the falcon is about to pop my balloon...

With the holiday season fast approaching, I figured that candy grams are perhaps the best way to give them the big 'thank you'. All it is on the surface is a candy cane and a little card, yet this little surprise has the power of spreading more than a bit of joy. And perhaps, it's the simplest way to say, 'Thank you for being who you are.'.

That's the power of a micro-affirmation.

With everyone having now received their candy grams from their friends, the decade also begins its dawn on us. In my room, my heart warms up just a little bit more as I opened up another note attached to a peppermint candy cane. Soon, we'll be welcoming a brand new decade, and it'll be up to us to see if this 20s roar just as much as the last 20s.

Some sweet messages I got from the candy grams~~