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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

A Short Expedition Into the Great Outdoors

Here we are. After ten months away from Henry Coe State Park, I’ve come back to see the beautiful sunrises and smiling faces of my peers. It’s really good to be back!

Enjoying breakfast with the view of a beautiful sunrise

In December, I had the opportunity to go out with my fellow co-leaders to Henry Coe State Park over the course of a whole weekend in preparation to lead the Stevenson Sophomore Wilderness Expedition. These specially picked co-leaders all honed in on their outdoor skills such as setting up flies, cooking meals, and of course hiking with a fully loaded backpack on the staff training trip a couple weeks ago. There was great excitement for the actual sophomore expedition in a couple months. Many of the co-leaders recalled on previous expeditions, over the course of the three days in the wilderness, hoping to relay their memorable experiences to the sophomores they aspire to lead.

Personally, I really enjoyed getting back into the disconnected world and backpacking through the beautiful mountain range. The winter term has caused me to work very hard for my classes, and this break from technology, society, and everything else helped me cope with the stress from my academics. Not only did I have a restful experience, but I also improved many of my outdoor skills so that I could pass on my knowledge to the sophomores.

The sophomore expedition proves to be an extremely impactful experience for many sophomores. One of the reasons I applied to become a co-leader is so that I could guide these underclassmen through a memorable experience. I hope to create a positive environment for these sophomores to appreciate the environment and learn a little more about themselves.

I’m extremely happy to be a part of the sophomore expedition team, and I absolutely look forward to the eleven-day sophomore expedition in February. See you in 2019!