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November: The season to give thanks

Because November is a time to give thanks, in this blog, I want to acknowledge and thank the school for all the opportunities it offers to all its students.

When I arrived at Stevenson on a warm August day three years ago, I could have never imagined the person I am today. Stevenson has offered me so many opportunities to find new endeavors. I’ve grown to love so many things that Stevenson has offered me, and I hope to continue with many of these activities and skills that I have learned.

Stevenson has introduced me to a countless number of things that I love. Water polo and swimming have been two things which I have invested a lot of time in, and I hope to continue my interest in these activities throughout my life. Stevenson has allowed me to discover an activity I love. I thank the coaches, the athletics department, and everyone who makes the aquatics department awesome on campus. I’ve also learned to love the outdoors through my sophomore expedition. This year I am going out to Henry Coe State Park again to join the sophomores and help lead the crew throughout the wilderness. The school has given me the opportunity to discover myself in the outdoors. The experience I had in the wilderness showed me the value of human connection; this feeling was something I wanted to encounter again.

Sophomore expedition: Taking a break from a hike

Academically, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and find specific studies which I enjoy, and those which I do not enjoy. It is important to know yourself and your preferences. Personally, I’ve learned which classes are my favorites through hardship. Although a difficult class can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting, the hard times teach me how much I really like the subject. My teachers and my peers are people I would like to show appreciation, for allowing me to take up these opportunities.

Everyone on campus contributes to making Stevenson what it is and, therefore, I would like to thank the whole community for making it great.