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Songkran at Stevenson

April has been a sunny month. I believe we tend to use the sunny times of year very well at Stevenson. On a bright Sunday, students shot each other with chilly tap water while running on the Day Boys lawn like children in elementary school.

Study hall ended on a normal Tuesday duty night in Atwood. I conversed with Bush and Prim about Thailand, Bangkok, and our connected experiences in middle school. Having Bush and Prim in the dorm has been awesome. Sharing our experiences has helped me connect with these students and I am really happy to be able to communicate in this way with them. We talked about the culture, the wacky things people do, and the songs we heard.

“Hey, did you know Songkran is next weekend?” I mentioned. Prim’s face lit up as she remembered her Songkran experience in Bangkok last year. Songkran is a Thai holiday marking the birth of Buddha, and during this time, Thai people shoot water guns and splash each other to celebrate. “Oh my god. Last year, I had so much fun at Khaosan.” (Khaosan is a famous road in Bangkok with lots of visitors) She looked with a spark in her eyes as she hoped to have her own Songkran at Stevenson. “We should do something for Songkran,” I remembered the fun I had splashing water and shooting water guns on the special Thai holiday. “We really should! How can we get everyone to do it though?” I said as I realized the chaos the holiday caused. I knew the event would be fun, but how could we do it?

A week later, I saw Bush and Prim on the Day Boys lawn with two big buckets. A box with water cannons bought from Amazon waited to be used while sitting in the sun. It was three o’clock: prime time for a water fight. People slowly came as they saw students shooting each other with water. Soon enough, there was a group of around thirty people running around the Day Boys lawn shooting water at their friends. Everyone had a great time splashing their friends, in honor of the Thai holiday a few students missed back home. It was a small event that really displayed what I love about Stevenson.

Stevenson welcomes people from around the world. Students appreciate that and celebrate their peer’s backgrounds. I am very proud to be able to say I am part of the multicolored painting that Stevenson beautifully puts together.