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Spring Term Sun

March marks the beginning of the Spring Term. As Spring arrives the days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and smiles are spread around campus. With these longer daylight hours, I took the opportunity to walk to the beach to see the sunset with a few friends.

Pebble Beach hosts one of the most beautiful sceneries in the area. Even though I have studied at Stevenson for three years now, I feel as though I don’t take full advantage of the nature around me. On a calm Saturday, I spontaneously asked a few of my friends to go to the beach with me. We walked out onto the road seeing the sun going down. It was the perfect time to see the sun go down over the ocean’s horizon. We walked down the hill next to Spyglass shushing each other as golfers swung their effortless strokes. As we got closer to the beach, I felt a rush of pride.

I looked out onto the sea and I realized how great it really was to see what I was seeing with the people I hold so close. I was proud of what I have done to get to where I am. Without my friends, and without the beautiful environment around me it would have never happened. I also thought about the future. I asked myself, “Will I remember this? Will I remember these people? Will I remember the sun setting over the horizon?” I hope that the answer is yes. Some things are truly unforgettable, and I would like for that moment to be one of them.

As we stepped our feet into the sand, the sun was gradually entering the sea’s horizon line. We all took a few photos and admired the sun’s brilliance listening to the sound of crashing waves. I looked around to see a few visitors from far away places. This made me come to appreciate the fact that I took a ten-minute walk right around campus to see what was in front of me.

As the sun disappeared for the night, I harkened back to my freshmen year. I remembered the first time I took a similar walk to the beach. It was a sunny day with new students so excited for the year but so scared of what was to come. Now as a junior, I traveled the paths I knew so well thinking back to the times when I was so naïve. That experience was one I remembered. But what defines what we remember and what we don’t?