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Welcome to Stevenson

It’s the start of a new year! This year I am starting my junior year at Stevenson. As an upperclassman, I have more opportunities to be a leader on campus; therefore, I have taken the initiative to become a prefect in the Atwood dorm as well as maintaining my position as a Green Key ambassador.

These two jobs brought me back to the Pebble Beach campus a week earlier than school started, to anticipate the arrival of our new and returning students. Before the students' arrival, I spent the week learning how to be a leader and set an example for the new students. I also decorated our dorm with my fellow Atwood prefects to create a welcoming environment in the new students’ home (our dorm theme is Harry Potter!). At Stevenson the student body is made up of people from around the world and welcoming everyone is essential to include the whole community. I really enjoyed helping to prepare to make this year as fun as possible.

As students arrived on August 27th, I remembered back to my own time to when I arrived on our beautiful campus with anxiousness and excitement in anticipation of my time here. 

New students going through the bridge of smiles to the welcoming speech in the chapel.

I remembered all the people I saw thinking about how things really haven’t changed all that much since the first day. I really appreciated the welcoming vibe at my orientation and welcoming day. The tradition of generosity that Stevenson embodies was continued on that day and I hope to see it here for years to come.

I really enjoyed meeting all the new students, and I look forward to seeing them on campus and getting to know them all very well over the course of the year.