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How I combat academic pressures

These past few weeks have definitely been taxing on me as a whole. Getting these mid-term grades in was the first step of my college journey because schools tend to check them if you are applying early. Due to this, I have been trying to focus intensely on my academic performance. Once I get through this stretch, I can start to relax a little bit more and takes things slower.  One thing that I have been doing lately to combat this stress is going to the gym. This even comes as a surprise to me because I never took myself as a gym guy. However, I was introduced to it by a friend, and now I am hooked. Now that I have discovered it, I am going in four days a week. I was initially only going to go two days a week because that is what was needed to fill my athletic requirement. But I realized that I could be working harder, so I decided to take it up a notch and go even more than just two days. Now that I have been doing this for around a month, I feel much better about myself, and it keeps me in shape. This was a pleasant surprise that I needed in a time of stress.