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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

4,678 days as a Pirate

The day has finally come where I get to stand on the Rosen stage and receive my diploma. It seems so surreal because I don't remember a time when I wasn't a pirate. I started at this school when I was 5 years old, I would come to work with my mom when she became a long term sub in ECC and I fell in love. The next year I officially enrolled in first grade, a class with 12 kids, 4 of whom are sitting in front of me right now. The years passed, seeming endless. Whether it be Mrs. Evans song about the planets, Mrs. Foster and her crazy flying pig obsession, swarms of killer bees in PE class, or decades day they kind of mushed together. At the time I thought it would never end, in a good way. Every day I was with the same people, at the same school, wearing the same uniform, and I was happy. And before I knew it I was getting ready to graduate from the Carmel campus. I didn't think it was real. I had spent my whole life dreaming of being a high schooler. Then I came here to the high school and things were fine. I had nothing to fear. I found an amazing group of friends, met a lot of great people, and I have built so many lasting connections. Everything that seemed so important about the lower school, I began to forget all about and day by day I become absorbed in campus life. I joined teams, performed on stage, took interesting classes, fell in love with backpacking, and even through the ups and downs I felt even more at home.  Here let me sum up Stevenson by the number. 12 years, 150 classmates, 3 science camps, 2 Expos, 9 carnivals, 5 advisors, 55 performances on Keck stage (26 lower school and 29 high school) 37 teachers, 25 school dances, 96 water polo games, 20 final exams, 4,678 days as a pirate and 1 day to go. It's hard to find the words to articulate this feeling right now. The next chapter of my life is exciting. But the unknown is terrifying. Whether it be moving from one Stevenson to another, or across the country, change is terrifying. And anyone who tells you that leaving the bubble that is Stevenson isn't scary is lying to you, at least I would be lying if I said it wasn't. It was so hard to leave the comfort zone of middle school and move to high school but after a while, I forgot all about those fears. I know everything will click after all us seniors start our new chapters but it is hard knowing once we are gone everything will seem normal. Life here will go on without us and we will all thrive outside the safety net of the Stevenson community. It's scary to leave the school I have known my whole life and the faces I have grown up with but that's what this is all for. We come here to learn how to say goodbye with the confidence of knowing that everything is going to be ok when we do. I am so glad that I have gotten to spend my life at the school that helped to guide me through love and loss, and there is comfort in knowing that there is always home here for me because once a pirate, always a pirate. THANK YOU <3