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A Sentimental Goodbye

As May comes, things on campus get sentimental. Seniors are graduating, and the year is arriving at an end. Personally, I am also looking at a new journey next year.

A photo from my first day of junior year

For my senior year, I have decided to embark on a journey to China where I hope to learn many things I simply could not have at Stevenson. Although I am extremely excited and ready to learn about a new place, I would like to look back onto the Stevenson chapter of my life as it comes to a close. For each significant person, I would like to offer a piece of gratitude.

Over my three years, I cannot stress how much I have learned in my classes. I recently looked back into my English essays folder to reminisce on my beginnings. I looked back onto my essay on Telemachus from the “Odyssey.” I noticed my errors, and how much I have improved since then. In my freshmen year history class, I looked back onto my Writing Portfolio. I found an old history research paper, which I put hours of work in. I would like to thank my teachers for investing their efforts into my education and my improvement. I appreciate everything they have done for me, and I’m extremely grateful to carry their lessons through my life.

I would like to give a special thank you to Mr. Henrikson. As my advisor, Mr. Henrikson has been an influential person in my life. In advising periods, he makes a joke out of every little thing. I am thankful to have someone so cheerful and optimistic as my advisor. As my swimming and water polo coaches, Coach Morrison and Coach Higgins have been a source of inspiration. They have taught me dedication and strength. In the pool, dedication and strength through willpower always result in improvement. I believe I have transposed this lesson in my life. I am grateful for the pool to have taught me something so important.

I would like to thank my peers, my friends, and all the people close to me. Since my freshman year, my friends have been loyal. I am proud to say that my friendships have persisted through my Stevenson experience. Thank you to all the TI boys. My roommate for two years, Ian Duffy, has been a dedicated friend for three years. I am happy to call him my teammate, peer, and friend. Through it all, he has been a source of motivation. Thank you. I am also thankful for my girlfriend. Apple, you’ve been by my side through the tough times that junior year entails. Without you, I don’t know where I would be. Thank you.

I am also extremely grateful for my parents. They have given me an opportunity to come to Stevenson and to experience something that I could have never had without their help. Stevenson has given me an irreplaceable rounded education which I am extremely fortunate to have. Since my freshman year, I fully believe that I am a completely different person because of the school I went to and the people I met. Thank you to my parents for giving me this education.

Last but not least, thank you to the reader. I have been writing blogs since my Sophomore year. Writing them has helped to organize my life and to reminisce on all the good and bad throughout each month. Every time I write one of these blogs I know the readers are looking to a new experience. Whether you are a parent, prospective student, or teacher everyone involved in these blogs are looking for Stevenson: a new place to you. I welcome you to read more and to discover what we have to offer. I too am looking to a new beginning. Thank you for reading. Thank you for having the curiosity to find Stevenson.