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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Senior Luncheon

Dr.Enemark with his students

Spring term means the beginning of a lot of senior year festivities. It seems like every day is just a count down to graduation and it all gets kicked off with Senior Luncheon.  Senior Luncheon is an afternoon put together by the senior parents honoring the seniors. All of the seniors got all dressed up and were allowed to invite two faculty members as a class as our guests. This year we chose Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Enemark. These two, as well as Mrs. Allison and Mr. Senuta, who are both planning the retire at the end of this year, joined the senior class for a lovely afternoon by the water. We ate at the Monterey Plaza Hotel which is literally on the edge of the bay looking over the ocean. We got to spend time outside and take some amazing pictures (we got super lucky with the weather!). After we had a really delicious lunch before we headed back to school to attend the rest of our classes. It was really nice to take time out of the day to spend time as a class. I only have a few more weeks with them so I really cherish moments like this.