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A Song For Me

In every one of my radio shows I have this tradition of trying to play Bob Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man.” It is kind of a silly tradition but it means a lot to me. I bring up a lot in my blogs, but when I came to Stevenson I had never done radio, a thing which I have now done for four years. I had never learned how to properly address a radio, adjust volume levels, or even how to truly reflect and explain the awesomeness of some music to a listening audience. I had not experienced Mr Arruda bouncing new near psychedelic or obtuse songs off our captivated radio class for opinions, never heard Ms Gibson try to explain the intricacies of voice while desperately trying to keep the shrunken radio room motivated, or see the true revival of the radio program under the new guidance of Mr Fricker. I have experienced a lot in radio, high and lows, looking forward to my Monday night show to dreading my morning Wednesday one, relaxing with my feet up in the radio room or desperately trying to get homework done, all of it. The radio room has been a staple of my life here, every week serving as a bedrock of my life. I don’t know why I started to play Bob Dylan all those years ago, but I know why I continued it. At first it was due to the awesomeness of the concept of playing one song for four years, but now its due to the legacy of my time here it represents and all the things I’ve seen while experiencing it. My last time playing that song is coming soon, and to be honest I’m sad every time I think about it, but for now, while I still can imagine sitting in the radio room late at night with my feet kicked up listening to music contemplating memories, I’m gonna follow the words of the song and ask, “Hey! Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.”