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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Accepting the Future

I am a senior now and when I started here at Stevenson I did two new things that I had never done before: radio and journalism. I have done both of these activities all of my four years at Stevenson, and they contain some of my fondest memories from my time here. I will never forget my freshmen and sophomore years with Mr Arruda in the radio room relaxing and listening to music that he recommended. Nor will I forget the countless time I have spent with Mr Hinckley, the journalism teacher and one of my favorite people on campus, who has irrevocably changed who I am for the better with his teachings. Inside, and above, all of this too is the friends I have met along the way, like the endlessly chill Hannah Ni from radio and the bombastic Csilla Smith from journalism, who I wouldn’t have traded meeting for the whole wide world. I have written more articles than I can count, and I have done more shows and played more songs than I could ever remember. It is easy to say that both of these experiences were fundamental parts of my life here at Stevenson, and yet, in contrary to all of what I have just said, I don’t have plans to do these things in the future. In fact, I plan to study history, a thing I am just as ardently passionate about, in college, and, despite maybe seeing if the college radio station will accept me, I don’t plan to seriously pursue these two major activities of my life here. You may be wondering, quite justifiably, why? It’s not from a lack of love of these subjects, as I hope I’ve made clear, nor is it from anything the school has done, quite the contrary Stevenson has allowed me the privilege to experience these things. I know for a fact that if I hadn’t come here, I would never have considered have doing, and thus never experienced the joy of, either of these journeys. I am happy that I got the chance to do these things, and grateful that Stevenson gave me that chance, not upset that when I move on I know I most likely won’t travel down these roads again. I will always cherish these memories, and I guess as a senior I have and get to realize that they come to an end.