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Getting Into College

So I got into St. Andrews University in Scotland on a history degree. This was my top choice school, and, needless to say, I am ecstatic. It was a lot of work to get here and now that I have I’m kinda starting to think back on it all. Three and a half years of work leading up to this one moment. Three and a half years of Stevenson, and half a year of working at college apps. I can’t help but look at the process that got me here. So I’ll go through it. At the start of the Spring term of my junior year all the juniors were called into the science lecture hall by Stevenson’s College Counseling Center. We were told about the college process and how to get started, basically all the little details that we needed to know. It was such a non-concept at that time, I mean everyone knew how hard college applications would be but none of us actually knew. Then, throughout the fall of our senior year, we would again be repeatedly called in by the college center, so they could give advice or instructions, all the while I was slaving away at making sure my essays and applications were the best that they could be. I won’t say it wasn’t hard, because it was, but I made my way through it. Then over Thanksgiving break I received the news that I had gotten into St Andrews. The relief and excitement I felt was incomparable, and the feeling of all the hard work I had done, not just in the last six months, was worth it. I thought a lot about what I wanted the final message of this blog to be, and I think I’ve settled on it. Put in enough hard work and get a little help along the way, thanks Stevenson, and things just might turn out all right. I gotta say I am pretty happy about that.