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Kindling Your Passion


I have a subject in school that I really, really enjoy studying: history. I know other people might find it to be boring, in fact me calling it my favorite subject causes many of my friends to either groan or look at me funny but something about learning a bunch of facts about the past or narratives about historical individuals has always intrigued me. I love imagining things like the giant clashing legions of Rome’s civil war with Julius Caesar and Pompey Magnus in the Battle of Pharsalus, or contemplating the interconnecting politics and dynamic that made up Europe’s 16th century religious situation, or even seeing how the distinct problems of building within a jungle have caused a difficulty in the building of civilizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. I do however acknowledge that statement I just made is one of the most nerdy things I have ever written or spoken. Here’s the thing, Stevenson encourages you to do things like this. In fact, the school loves if you do this kinda stuff. The school wants you to be able to follow your passion, whether that be ceramics or football or history, and tries to give you the opportunity to pursue whatever that passion may be. I have come to realize in my four years here that Stevenson is, among many other things, a place of opportunity. Specifically yours or mine. Now why does the school do this, because it made out of good people who are just as passionate. I can’t tell you how many teachers I have had that, even if I may not have a great interest in the subject their teaching, have made their class an amazing time, being able to do this because of their deep passion about the subject. I have a passion an it is history, and I can honestly say that this place, with what it does, is the best place to kindle it.