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Stage Managing and Looking Back

So I am doing something new for the theater program in winter: I’m stage managing. At different times I have been different things for the program, including both being an actor on stage and theater tech behind the lights, for a total of seven productions, now eight with this, but being a stage manager is a little different. You are a direct link between the actors and director, a direct link between theater tech and the director, and finally just a general helper with anything the director need you to do. You are not in a higher position than most, but it is a special one. For me it is just kind of weird looking back how I got here, because fall term of my freshman year, and in fact all of my freshman year, I did not know what a stage manager was or that they even existed. I did not anything about acting or how to program a light or how to clean off a practice sword, that one’s not practical I just learned it and I still find it really awesome. In fact, I was clueless to a lot of things that I do now that I love. Going into my freshman year I knew nothing about to operate a radio board, I didn’t know that you needed a lead whenever you wrote an article in a newspaper, I didn’t even know the proper way to pull in a sail on a tiny FJ to make sure you get the best wind possible. Stevenson taught me these things by allowing me to try these things. I would not have participated in sailing, in radio, in journalism, or now stage managing if Stevenson did not give me those unique opportunities and for that I’m greatful.