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Welcome to my Blog

Christmas Cookies and S'mores

It’s no surprise that after I started living at Stevenson, I developed an appreciation for the holiday season. As I joined other students and faculty at Dr. Hicks’ house for the annual Hot Cocoa and Caroling event–which I forgot to RSVP to but showed up at anyways despite my shame and embarrassment–I got a taste of the warmth of the community that welcomed me within the first months of my arrival to this new place. In the next few years, I've come to appreciate the holiday cheer–and for a lot more than just the hot drinks and sweet treats that come along with every party. 

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Please Take a Moment

“Inhale for one… two… three… And exhale through your mouth.” The room filled with a harmony of “Ah”s, with a few giggles here and there. I felt my shoulders drop and my head tilt slightly upwards as I breathed out. A tingle trickle down my spine as I sat a little taller. It was a Thursday night, and I was skipping study hall for the Atheneum Mindfulness Event. In that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to think more about the college applications and AP English essays that had loomed over my thoughts for the past week. Instead, I turned my focus to the rise and fall of my shoulders as I breathed in and out.

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And We're Back!

The sound of a bell fluttered through the air as I pushed open the front door, and the five of us filed into the small, cozy waiting area of Il Vecchio. Here I was again, but graduation had happened four months ago, and the new school year had started.

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Traditions and Legacies

Every time you eat, you create a story. In that sense, food is what makes me happy. It helps me remember the simplicity of happy memories associated with good food, especially when I know that the time I spend with those around me is limited. Just last week, I was at Il Vecchio, a small Italian restaurant famous for their handmade pasta and gelato, with some of my senior friends, who were about to graduate in two days.

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AP Liberation

Pain surged through my fingers as I persevered through the last sentence of my short essay question. The crackling of my joints echoed as I straightened up in my chair. The waning moments of the exam were approaching, and I had finished just in time. As I placed my answer booklet at the top of the pile, I was officially liberated from the AP Biology exam, as well as from the stress, worrying, and physical fatigue that trailed along with it.

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Ice Cream, Waffles, and Spring Carnival

Despite the grey fog that clouds the Pebble Beach sky, the end of spring and coming of summer is just around the corner, marked by the annual Spring Carnival festival! Organized by Student Council, Spring Carnival is one of Stevenson’s largest on-campus events where families and friends are joined by newly enrolled students to enjoy festival rides and foods. A carnival is incomplete without ice cream topped on some type of waffle cone, of course. This year, my club Nanoseed planned to bring egg waffles, a popular Hong Kong street snack, to the food scene at the Spring Carnival.

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Application and Reflection Time

It’s application season! At the beginning of spring term for each school year, students are given the opportunity to apply for various leadership positions across campus, including becoming a part Stevenson student ambassador program or being chosen as a prefect in the dorms. I was extremely attracted by the prefect position, as I remember my freshman year prefects being a big source of help and guidance when I had first arrived at Stevenson. This experience of moving across the world, away from my family, daunted me, and my prefects were there to help me adjust and feel welcome in this new environment. Having lived on campus for two years, I was determined to become a prefect in my sophomore year and recreate the same sense of safety that I felt for others.

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About Me


Hi! My name is Catherine, and I’m a senior boarding student. Though I was born in Pleasanton, California, I like to call my home Shanghai, China. I enjoy watercolor painting and exploring the local eats of Monterey and Carmel. After arriving at Stevenson, I was introduced to many different sports and activities, one of which was lacrosse! I've played three seasons now, and it has become one of my favorite sports. Even though it was difficult to adjust to this unfamiliar sport during freshman year, I made a promise to challenge myself— and I kept it! This year, I will look forward to continue challenging myself, during lacrosse too!