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Welcome to my Blog

Winter Ball 2019!

Winter Ball 2019 was even more fun than the last one. I went with three of my friends, and we started getting ready an hour and a half before the dance started, as one does, so we could have time to get ready as a group and fool around with time to spare.

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The New Learning Commons

As of Fall 2018, Stevenson School has been introduced to the new brand new Learning Commons. Contrary to the old Library, the Learning Commons is a focused work space for all grades to come and get their work done. But the real difference this year is the space itself.

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About Me


Hey, all! I’m Kyla; a rising sophomore boarding student from Sacramento, California. I am a member of the Stevenson volleyball and track teams, and during the winter I participate in the school musical. I’m very passionate about the French language and culture, and a large goal of mine is to travel to France one day. I love avocados and toast, but I prefer them separate. My first year at Stevenson was so much fun, I can't wait to see what my next one has in store.