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Welcome to my Blog

Dorm Olympics

Dorm Olympics are a tradition unlike any other. As new students are settling into their dorms and student leaders such as myself lead the way, dorms compete against each other in contests like basketball, water balloon toss, musical chairs, and more.

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About Me


Hi, my name is Martin and I am a rising senior boarder from Miami, Florida. Before Stevenson I went to school in Bogota, Colombia, and I came to Stevenson as a new junior for the rigorous academics, golf opportunities, the unparalleled sense of community, and the amazing weather. At Stevenson, I am a captain of the varsity soccer team and a member of the varsity golf team. I play piano, guitar, and sing. I love to perform at assemblies and coffeehouses throughout the year. I am so excited to be a prefect in the dorms and a Green Key Ambassador.