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Welcome to my Blog

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Hey there! My name is Matthew Fung, and I am a rising junior boarding student. I call Asia’s World City: Hong Kong my home, where I live with a family of four including myself, my parents and my younger sister who is turning 14 this year.

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About Me


Hey there! My name is Matthew, and I am a junior boarding student. I am proud to call the vibrant city of Hong Kong home, and I am equally proud to return to Stevenson for a second year. I am a member of the Stevenson tennis team and a percussionist of the pit orchestra for the school’s annual winter musical. I really enjoy the uplifting spirit and close connections between students and faculty, as well as the stunning environment around campus which made me fall even more in love with nature and the great outdoors. Having been through an action-packed first year, I am looking forward to going through another year filled with fun and challenges, as well as encountering new friends along the journey!