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Welcome to my Blog

NorCal College Tour

Over the weekend a couple of juniors embarked on a journey to discover their college fit through the NorCal College Trip! I was one of the lucky students to be able to attend and the experience definitely opened up my eyes to the different types of schools. The NorCal College Trip is a definitely an experience you should seek to have here at Stevenson!

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Welcoming New Students

Students rekindling friendships, teachers setting up their classrooms, and the growing buzz begins to form as we return to Stevenson for a new year. Many of the freshman students are starting to build friendships and finding others with common interests.

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About Me


Hi! My name is Natalia, and I am rising Junior. I live in Seaside, California, a beautiful town only a couple of minutes from Stevenson. I love studying the anatomy of the brain, painting in our art studio during my free time, and learning about different cultures around the world! After arriving at Stevenson, I joined soccer in hopes of rekindling an old passion for the sport, which I had not played in years. My teammates were the most wonderful girls and I built strong friendships with them in and out of the field. This coming year, I hope to return to the field once again to create more friendships along with continuing to challenge myself both athletically and academically!