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Welcome to my Blog

New Soccer Coach

After winning the league championship last year, our Varsity Girls Soccer team was worried about the outcome of this coming season. However, a new faculty member this year, Coach Koshi, eased all of our worries away!

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I grew up learning both Spanish and English, so when the time came for me to choose a new language to take at Stevenson it was difficult. There were so many options and I was excited at the thought of immersing myself in another culture. I had to choose between Latin, Mandarin, Japanese, and French. Of course, I chose French!

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After choosing my courses for next year, I decided to take AP Studio Art. However, in my current art class, we were recently assigned a project consisting of creating three concentration pieces. This will be a great way to begin thinking about my concentration pieces in my portfolio next year. I know that Stevenson definitely has encouraged students to express themselves and to me, this form is art.

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Everyone has had an experience where they have an idea of some sort begging for it to become a reality. Some ignore it, some speak of it but do nothing, and others carry out their dreams. A Stevenson student, Paul Bezner (‘20), has carried out his dream by launching his clothing line: Blindsight.

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About Me


Hi! My name is Natalia, and I am a senior day student. I live in Seaside, California, a beautiful town only a couple of minutes from Stevenson. I love studying the anatomy of the brain, painting in our art studio during my free time, and learning about different cultures around the world! After arriving at Stevenson, I joined soccer in hopes of rekindling an old passion for the sport, which I had not played in years. My teammates were the most wonderful girls and I built strong friendships with them on and off the field. This coming year, I hope to return to the field once again to create more friendships along with continuing to challenge myself both athletically and academically!