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Welcome to my Blog

Sitting around "the fireplace"

January has hit our campus, along with most of the peninsula, with a huge storm. For two days, Stevenson’s electricity was cut-out, going on and off throughout the period. Although it was tough to keep the school running through the whole thing, the community worked together to face the problems nature gave to us.

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Hi my name is Noah, and I am a rising junior resident student. It's hard to say where I'm from because I've lived in Thailand for the past three years, my mom is Japanese, my father is American, and I lived in New Jersey for the first 10 years of my life. I play water-polo in the fall term and swim during the spring term. I would have never thought to play water polo before coming to Stevenson, but now I am an avid player on the JV water polo team. On top of this, I also play trumpet in the Stevenson band; one of my favorite things to do is to jam out or simply practice on my guitar with friends.