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Welcome to my Blog

About Me


Hello, my name is Paul and I am a senior boarding student. I am originally from Hamilton, Virginia but now travel back and forth between there and Pebble Beach California. I first came to Stevenson School as a sophomore and plan to continue all the way to senior year. While my physical home is back in Virginia, I have come to call Stevenson my home away from home. All my friends are walking distance away from me and have access to all of the academic resources I could ever ask for. These two things really grow my appreciation for the school. I have been a part of the Stevenson tennis team both years that I have been here, and I would definitely consider it to be one of my favorite things. I also participated in the Sophomore Expedition, which was also another highlight that I have had at Stevenson. This trip single-handedly taught me to appreciate nature in all of its aspects. While senior year is going to be a tough one, I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve.