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Skype Interviews

Skype is a free internet service that allows us to conduct applicant interviews online. Although a face to face, in-person interview is preferred, a Skype interview can be substituted if a family is unable to visit campus.

Setup Instructions

Download Skype free of charge onto your computer. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available.

  1. A camera and microphone (webcam) must be connected to your computer and operating correctly to allow the Admission Office to see and hear you. Most laptop computers have a camera and microphone included. Standard webcams can be purchased for desktop computers.
  2. Perform the audio test using Skype to be sure your equipment is working properly. Start Skype, then select "Echo / Sound Test Service" under Contacts, then select "Call." This will check your audio connections and be sure your equipment is set up correctly.

Connection Instructions

  1. Email your Skype username to so that we can add it to our Skype List of Contacts. Please do this at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with details for your appointment. The email will specify which of our Skype ID's will be used for your interview: stevenson.admission or stevenson.pbadmission or stevensonadmission
  3. Please add the appropriate Skype ID for the Stevenson Admission Office to your Skype List of Contacts. Your contact request will be accepted at the time of your interview.


Interview Instructions

  1. All appointment times are listed in our local Pacific Time Zone. To confirm the time of the appointment in the appropriate time zone from which you will be completing your interview, please consult the Time Zone Calculator.
  2. Your interview will last for approximately one hour. At the time of your interview, a member of the Admission Office will be online awaiting your Skype video call and looks forward to learning more about you!



Thank you for your interest in Stevenson School!

Time Zone Conversion

All appointments are set in the Pacific Time Zone for Monterey, California, USA. To convert the time of your appointment to your local time zone, please consult this Time Zone Calculator.


If you have any questions before your interview, or have technical difficulties connecting with us through Skype, please contact the Admission Office at 831-625-8309. We are here to help!