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Senior Sunset

As most of you may know, the current coronavirus outbreak has led to our transition into online schooling. The process has been particularly difficult for seniors because it implies we will not experience the bittersweet joys of senior spring as well as results of college decisions surrounded by each other. However, Stevenson has made sure to work closely with our college center in order to help us seniors along the way. 

We may be at home now, whether it be in Pebble Beach or across the globe, but before parting from campus, the class of 2020 came together for what may have been one last time this year. Senior sunset is a long held tradition on campus where at the end of the year, seniors walk down to the beach -a 5 minute walk from campus- and enjoy the comfort of each other as the sun sets signaling the end of our four years. This year we had to reschedule and move the senior sunset a little earlier than usual. Looking around, our class had really grown from the young freshmen we used to be. Now we were smarter and more prepared for the life ahead of us. Stevenson shaped all of us in positive ways that brought out parts of our personalities we never thought we had. I can proudly state that all of our class tried something new during their time on campus that positively impacted them, from the smallest action to the most dramatic changes. We may have to leave campus a little earlier than expected but watching the sun set that night as we all ran along the beach and laughed together felt like the perfect ending. It may not have been the ideal circumstances, but it was our happily ever after. It’s impossible for us to break the bonds we’ve created and with technology nowadays, we won’t be too far away. And to quote the final statement that we seniors exclaimed on that night as we stood in a circle smiling at each other: “once a pirate, always a pirate.”