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Super Bowl Weekend On Campus

The excitement around the world for the Super Bowl Weekend is evident on campus. The Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Francisco Giants and tasted victory. Most day student families held parties and resident students made sure to not miss the game either!

Whether it was crowding in the Rosen Family Student Center, curled up in their dorms, or at sleeping over at a day student’s home, the resident students were included in the festivities. I spent the weekend at home with my family and ate a little too much dessert, but when I got back to campus my friends recounted their Super Bowl experiences. A lot of students had sat on the couches within Rosen with a single TV angled so that many could see. They all sat together and cheered on their respective teams. The competitiveness within each student came out and excitement continued to grow. The halftime show did not disappoint and many were engrossed by the performances. They sang along, joked around, and threw their heads back laughing at the numerous commercials. Though it may seem like I missed out, the event welcomed day students -as many resident events often do!- so I need not worry. Stevenson offers so many opportunities for day students and resident students to come together and have fun with a little bit of playful rivalry, as displayed by our recent Super Bowl Weekend.