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Upper Division

We invite the boldest and bravest young adults to explore their potential for greatness. Our school is a place where we become citizens of the world together and a place for young people to learn how to successfully transition into the academic and social demands of college and life beyond. Students at all levels are encouraged to exceed their own expectations, to expand their notion of what’s possible, and to chase their passions with hunger and integrity. In return, we are committed to preparing students for a full, rewarding life marked by academic, personal and professional excellence.



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My daughter attended Stevenson for four years and had the most incredible experience. It was more than an academic education. She grew into a beautiful, strong young woman and developed a camaraderie with students and faculty that will follow her wherever she goes in life.

--Shari, parent

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Students from 17 states and 18 countries that comprise the Upper Division community.

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