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Schedule A Tour

Upper Division Visits

Stevenson Upper School

You've scoured the website, read our student blogs, and now you're ready to visit and find out if Stevenson is where you belong. We're here to greet you and introduce you to our students, faculty, and campus.

Please read the information below and follow the simple steps to schedule your visit. Contact or call us at 831-625-8309 with any questions.

Summertime Visits (May through August)

During a summertime campus visit, offered while school is not in session, a student and their family will experience a:

  • Campus tour with Student Ambassador (subject to student availability), and a
  • Conversation with an admission counselor.

Visits are available on weekdays at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. throughout the summer (except select holidays when the Admission Office is closed). 

Please call us in the Admission Office at 831-625-8309 or email so we can begin planning your visit to Stevenson. We encourage visits on Monday or Friday mornings, which includes the opportunity to attend our all-school assembly. The time slots listed above are subject to the availability of admission counselors; we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please propose a few dates and times that will work for you when you schedule your visit.

Traditional Campus Visits (October through May)

During a traditional campus visit, offered while school is in session, a student will experience:

  • Touring our campus with a Green Key Student Ambassador,
  • Attending a morning assembly (Mondays and Fridays),
  • Attending class with one of our Stevenson class hosts,
  • Completing your student interview, and
  • Spending time talking with a member of our admission office staff.

Visits are available while school is in session, Monday-Friday, with varying start times. Please contact us via email ( or phone (831-625-8309) directly with a range of dates that works for you to visit. We look forward to finding the best appointment for you.

You may plan for your visit to last approximately two and a half to three hours. Our visits are designed so that we can learn more about you and you can ask questions about Stevenson’s programs and curriculum. While you're off at class, your family will also have an opportunity to talk with a member of our admission office staff, students, and faculty. We will make every attempt to arrange for you to meet with any faculty members who teach classes or run programs which might be of particular interest to you.

To schedule your visit to campus, please contact our staff via email ( or phone (831-625-8309).

Candidates from China

Candidates from China requesting interviews are required to contact our affiliate in China - Vericant - which will conduct preliminary interviews and writing samples and share these online for Stevenson's Admission Office to review. Candidates will then be selected by the school for formal interviews. To learn more about Vericant, please visit the Vericant website.

Stevenson has an affiliation with Vericant which conducts a pre-interview screening process for the schools in China, but Vericant does not represent candidates and does not claim to offer an advantage to the candidates during the application process.

Overseas candidates are cautioned that Stevenson employs no organization to represent its interests outside the continental United States. While Stevenson School has a warm relationship with a number of reputable consulting agencies who will refer candidates to the School, no agency can guarantee that their candidate will be admitted to our school. No agency has permission to use Stevenson's images or information for the purpose of marketing that agency without Stevenson's permission.

Off Campus Interviews

Off Campus interviews may be arranged if a member of our Admission Office is traveling to your area. Please visit the Stevenson in Your Area section of our website for the latest information on our travels.

For students unable to visit campus, Skype interviews are offered Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time), at several times throughout the day. Please note that dates and time are based on the availability of our admission counselors, so please have several dates and times in mind when you contact us to schedule.

Lower and Middle Division Visits

Stevenson Lower School student

Schedule a Tour and Visit:

For our younger visitors and families interested in PK - Grade 8, we offer personalized visits that are designed with each child in mind.

Please contact Susan Rymzo at:
Ph: 831-574-4604


Video Tour of the Upper Division

Video Tour of the Lower and Middle Divisions