Tier Two (Don't Delete)

CCS Transfer Application

Pre-Enrollment Contact Affidavit - CIF Bylaw 510

Pre-enrollment contact may include, but is not limited to: any communication of any kind, with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver, relatives, or friends of the student with anyone associated with the school prior to enrollment. Communication about the athletic programs at a school; orientation/information programs, shadowing programs; attendance at outside athletic or similar events, camps or clinics or athletic private lessons or training sessions by anyone associated*with the school; participation by the student in programs supervised by the school or its associates before enrollment in the school should also be disclosed. 
By signing this affidavit below, I certify that no person who is associated* with the athletic department of the enrolling (new) school, or is part of the booster club or parent community of the enrolling (new) school, or who is acting on their behalf, has had pre-enrollment contact as described above directly or indirectly, through intermediaries or otherwise with this transfer student, this student's parents, legal guardians or caregivers, or anyone acting on behalf of the student, prior to the beginning and completion of the enrollment process at the enrolling (new) school. (*See CIF Bylaw 510 for definition of "associated.") 

I understand that I am required to disclose any such pre-enrollment contact and that failure to do so may results in severe penalties affecting the future eligibility of this student athlete's high school eligibility. (CIF bylaws 207.A.(3), 207.B.(2), 207.C; 510.C-E) 

Furthermore, I certify that the student has not participated on any non-school athletic team* (i.e. AAU, American Legion, club team, camp, clinic, private lesson, training activity etc) that is associated with, or coached by anyone associated with, the enrolling (new) school, during the previous 24 months immediately prior to this enrollment in the new school. (*See CIF Bylaw 510 for definition of a non-school athletic team.) 

Certification of Application

By submitting this application for interscholastic residential eligibility, I specifically authorize any former or current/new school(s) to release all records regarding this student and to disclose to the CIF/CCS representative any information or documentation needed or requested by the CIF/CCS in making this eligibility determination. I authorize the CIF/CCS to use that information in making its decision. I understand that the CIF/CCS may be unable to grant athletic eligibility absent the disclosure of relevant information or documentation from this student's former or current/new schools. I am authorized to make this request. I affirm that all of the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge. I further affirm that I understand that, subsequent to the eligibility determination of this application made by the CIF/CCS, it is discovered that this approval was granted under false, erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information, severe penalties affecting the future eligibility of this student-athlete and teams on which this student competed may result. (CIF bylaw 202}