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Stevenson Athletic Hall of Fame


Stevenson School has a long and distinguished sports history that includes great collegiate and professional athletes and transformational coaches. This year, we began to officially acknowledge and honor our alumni and coaching staff with the launch of the Athletic Hall of Fame.

We are excited to have inducted the first inaugural class this year in 2018.

Our goal in establishing this new tradition is to honor students, coaches, teams, and others whose commitment and distinctive achievements have brought honor to Stevenson School and its athletics program.

Inaugural alumni nominees were required to have graduated a minimum of 30 years ago and are preferably members of the reunion year classes being celebrated. Even with this focus, the list of nominees exceeded the number of people we could feasibly honor at one event, so some worthy candidates will be honored at their class' next reunion.

We should also acknowledge that because Stevenson only went co-ed in 1977, the present field of eligible women is smaller than the field of eligible men. This will change markedly over the decade to come, and we will swiftly achieve an appropriate gender balance.