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Program Overview


Given our respect for the historic significance of athletics at Stevenson, our commitment to students’ health and well-being, and our belief that sport is a prime site for experiential learning and for establishing lasting values and lifelong relationships, we provide our students with a structured and top-quality athletic education, through which they learn integrity and responsibility; become stronger and healthier; become more resilient and team-oriented; and develop character, humility, and grit. We maintain an athletics program as competitive as it is principled, and develop integrated, forward-thinking, value-based solutions to the challenges we face in balancing athletics’ traditional role with new co-curricular opportunities and emerging institutional priorities. We take athletics coaching seriously as an area for professional development, and dedicate the resources needed to enhance our coaches’ skill, creativity, and expertise.


Independent Sport Option

A few students who participate in outside athletic programs (such as gymnastics, equestrian programs, martial arts, dance lessons, etc.) can apply for the independent sport option. This program offers these students the opportunity to receive physical activity credit outside the school’s offerings.

We believe that a healthy life includes regular physical activity. To support this philosophy, every Stevenson student is required to participate in a physical activity each term of his or her enrollment.


Recognizing that teamwork is a skill that is important in many areas of life, we expect each ninth and tenth grade student to participate on an interscholastic team for a minimum of one season in each of their first two years.

Ensuring a Positive Experience

At Stevenson, athletics is viewed as both a pleasure and a discipline. Upper Division coaches teach their athletes to play hard and to play to win, while never compromising the ideal of sportsmanship. After a season of sport, students should have improved in skills and become better athletes, to be sure. But we evaluate the success of our teams not on the basis of win-loss records, but rather on whether the student-athletes have had a positive experience.

Coaching Philosophies

We expect our coaches always to have their players’ well-being first among their objectives. Coaches are free to implement their own coaching philosophies and techniques, and are expected to stress the importance of fair play, teamwork, and respect for officials and opponents. The ultimate goal is to bring students from different walks of life, with varying degrees of skills, and mold them into a cohesive unit. We see winning as the product that comes from teaching student-athletes the importance of responsibility to their teammates and commitment to their common effort.