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Subscribe Options:

  •  Subscribe to a single event:
    ​​and you will receive an EMAIL ALERT prior to the start of the event based on your chosen timeframe. You can pick any event from any athletic team.


  • Subscribe to a TEAM's all events:
    You can pick a team and subscribe to that team's full calendar of events all at once via an ical FEED . This will allow you to sync your online calendar with the team's event calendar, automatically feeding (syncing) to your online calendar, such as a google calendar, on a regular basis, 

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Print Options:

  •  How to Print a calendar:
    ​​First, make sure the view of the calendar is what you want. Then locate the PRINT icon in the upper right corner of the calendar.  NOTE: Some views may print better than others and some may not fit on a single piece of paper.