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Get an Email Alert, Subscribe (ical Feed) or Print

Subscribe to EMAIL alert for specific event

bell alert icon
(Subscribe to single EMAIL Alert) When looking at a list of events on the calendar or a grid view, you will see a small bell icon that sits next to the event details.  This bell will only appear next to an event that is in the future, not to any past events. 


Once you find the bell associated with the event, simply click the bell icon. 

STEP 2: You will be asked to log in or create an account.  If you have never created an account before then do so now.  If you have an account, simply provide your username and password.

- STEP 3:  Once you are logged in you will be able to set how many minutes, hours etc prior to the event that you would like to receive your email alert.  The options range from 30min to 1 week in advance.

Click here to see an EXAMPLE

Subscribe to ical feed

rss icon

(Subscribe to ICAL FEED) To subscribe to an ical feel and have a team's events automatically populate your online calendar follow these steps.
Step 1:

Visit the Teams and Schedule's page and Select your Team.


In the Schedule tab where the Team's events are listed, you will see two icons in the top right corner (a gray rss icon and a yellow bell).  Click the gray RSS icon.


Hover over the ical button to the right of the team that you want a ical feed for and in the gray pop up menu choose the appropriate option.  If you are using a google calendar, select the option Get Google Ical Url.  Once you click the option a url will appear at the top of that same window for you to copy and paste into your online calendar. (See your online/google calendar for instructions on how to add a calendar feed)

Click here to see an EXAMPLE

after you click rss icon, choose feed settings

print icon rss icon bell alert icon

Subscribe Options:

  •  Subscribe to a single event:
    ​​and you will receive an EMAIL ALERT prior to the start of the event based on your chosen timeframe. You can pick any event from any athletic team.


  • Subscribe to a TEAM's all events:
    You can pick a team and subscribe to that team's full calendar of events all at once via an ical FEED . This will allow you to sync your online calendar with the team's event calendar, automatically feeding (syncing) to your online calendar, such as a google calendar, on a regular basis, 

print icon rss icon bell alert icon

Print Options:

  •  How to Print a calendar:
    ​​First, make sure the view of the calendar is what you want. Then locate the PRINT icon in the upper right corner of the calendar.  NOTE: Some views may print better than others and some may not fit on a single piece of paper.