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December 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Nov 25
Tue, Nov 26
Wed, Nov 27
Thu, Nov 28
Fri, Nov 29
Sat, Nov 30
Sun, Dec 1
Wed, Dec 11
Mon, Dec 16
Tue, Dec 17
Wed, Dec 18
Thu, Dec 19
Fri, Dec 20
Sat, Dec 21
Sun, Dec 22
Mon, Dec 23
Tue, Dec 24
Wed, Dec 25
Thu, Dec 26
Basketball - Boys Varsity vs. Thorne Bay HS (Away)
Rancho Mirage High School
Sat, Dec 28
Basketball - Girls Varsity vs. Oakwood (Away)
Palm Valley High School
Basketball - Boys Varsity vs. Indio (Away)
Rancho Mirage High School
Sun, Dec 29
Mon, Dec 30
Basketball - Boys Varsity vs. TBA (Away)
Rancho Mirage High School
Tue, Dec 31
Wed, Jan 1
Thu, Jan 2
Sat, Jan 4
Sun, Jan 5

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