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Positive Discipline Speaker Series

Positive Discipline is a relationship- and brain-based approach to parenting that empowers parents to be both kind and firm while modeling the values and behaviors they want their children to emulate:

  • mutual respect and mutual accountability
  • a sense of belonging and significance
  • competence, confidence, and cooperation
  • doing the right thing for one's own right reasons—even when no one is watching!

Through an eight-part series of dynamic, interactive classes, Brett Smith and Steve Weiss of Positive Discipline Community Resources teach the core theories, concepts, and tools of Positive Discipline for children of all ages, at all stages of their development. The classes offer fun experiential activities that will help parents:

  • discover the beliefs behind their children’s behaviors
  • engage with their children in problem-solving
  • better understand their children's feelings
  • strengthen connection and trust with their children

The series will feature simultaneous classes for lower and middle division parents. Parents may choose to attend either presentation on any or all of our eight evenings.

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