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Annual Fund for Faculty

Faculty members are the school’s greatest asset. We allocate 65% of the operating budget to salaries and, therefore, we allocate the same amount of the Annual Fund to supporting our teachers. The Annual Fund for Faculty allows us to offer competitive compensation, which enables us to recruit and retain the nation’s best teachers.

In addition to providing competitive teacher salaries, the Annual Fund supports faculty grants so that teachers can pursue professional development opportunities that contribute significantly to their growth in their areas of service. These awards can be used for a wide range of activities that help them to become better educators and scholars—from conferences and workshops to curriculum development projects to graduate studies and beyond. Grants allow faculty members to participate in learning and growth opportunities locally or across the globe.

RLS is a community of learners, and our teachers model the expectations they hold for their students. They are eager to develop new tools and techniques and to grow in their craft. Gifts to the Annual Fund for Faculty help us support their aspirations in ways that benefit them, their students, and our School community.

- Molly Bozzo, Head of the Lower and Middle Division

Thank you in advance for your gift to Stevenson School.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our giving societies, please contact:

Amy Elmore
Director of Advancement
Ph: (831) 625-8354 or aelmore@stevensonschool.org