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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

More than 1,200 individual alumni, parents, students and friends of the school made gifts to Stevenson in fiscal year 2018-2019. 

These generous donors contributed over $4.9 million, including $1.9M to the Annual Fund, and $3M to capital and endowment projects.

Whether donors support financial aid, student programs, athletics, the arts, faculty development, or another designation, their gifts, and your gifts, have a direct impact on Stevenson students every day.

Please explore the stories below to read about the positive difference that your gifts make.

51% to 66%  Parent participation rose 15% year-over-year.
286 First-time donors gave to the Annual Fund.
86  Commitments of $5000 or more were given.

Voices of Generosity

photo of Ron and Lynn Johnson

"Dr. Michael Jackson has been a major influence on our family. He shared his Stevenson story about being the first African-American student to attend the school in the late 1960s. His positive school experience and interactions with his classmates and teachers helped him become one of Stevenson’s top students during his senior year. Dr. Jackson established lifelong friendships with his former classmates and is currently a Board Trustee. He encourages our son, Evan to work hard in the classroom and while studying after school with his friends.”

Ron and Lynn Johnson, P ’22

photo of the Pfeiffer family

"Our children are now benefitting from the same wonderful education and relationships with their teachers that James did in the 80s. We can’t name just one or two teachers who have influenced our family, because each of our children’s teachers has made an impact in their own way. They’ve all been amazing, and we thank each of them for their support and dedication."

Lori Pfeiffer and James Pfeiffer ’89, P ’26, P ’29

"I love the way my children grew up and I think Stevenson had a lot to do with it."

Gloria D'Ambrosio P ’84, P ’87, GP ’17, GP ’23, GP ’26

"I love how at Stevenson students are partners with their teachers in their education. It is a supportive environment to discover who you are and what you love."

Corine Mink ’87 P ’17, P ’23, P ’26

"Stevenson is a place of incredible beauty with students who appreciate not only the location but also the community where they go to learn. Sometimes it’s hard to describe RLS to people who haven’t spent much time on the peninsula, so I just tell people that they have to see it for themselves."

Nancy Zahm P ’77, P ’82, GP ’14, GP ’19

"We feel that it is important to contribute to the annual fund so that we can in some small way help provide students with a top-notch education. The administrators, faculty and staff are like a family and we enjoy being part of the Stevenson community."

Susan Lea P ’99, P ’02

Introducing the Jim Hawkins Society

The Jim Hawkins Society recognizes and celebrates the school’s most loyal supporters. Named for the brave and reliable storyteller of Treasure Island, one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s most prominent works, the giving society was created to honor reliable donors who choose make the school a philanthropic priority every year. These loyal community members understand that consecutive annual gifts, no matter the size, transform lives. Membership will include those who give for at least two consecutive years.